Serbia is a small, but very beautiful country …

Not because it’s ours and we live in it, but Serbia really has amazing natural beauty. Serbia offers something for everyone, gentle north, beautiful south, unexplored east and interesting west. On all four sides of our little country you can enjoy in fantastic mountains. It’s amazing how many beautiful landscapes you can find in just an hour of drive from Belgrade. Peaks with beautiful views, rivers, lakes, streams, forests, caves, canyons, monuments, monasteries, old houses, are things that makes our country and its nature extremely attractive. Mountaineering is the best way to get familiar with Serbia. Beside climbing the peaks, you always have the opportunity to visit a new place, monument, monastery, river or lake that you did not even know it existed, and to hear some of the stories and anecdotes that you would never have heard of. Nature brings out the best and the noblest of us and also returns us to ours long-lost senses.

Pester highland





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